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Re: The wonders of eBay

Subject: Re: The wonders of eBay
by Stu on 2009/4/22 2:20:35

The person with the "leather" books didn't like being advised that they weren't quite what they thought. It all went downhill from there... The amusing thing was that joyqueen1 posted my first email and reply to the Q&A section of the listing, which was a truly stupid thing to do. I can only assume that the person actually believes that these books aren't Book Club editions, despite the photos clearly showing "Book Club Associates" and "Guild Publishing". No accounting for the 95% of the population lower down the evolutionary ladder than myself, I guess... :)

Dear joyqueen1,

Just wanted you to be are that these are Book Club Editions, and - most importantly - that they are not leather, but "leatherette"/plastic. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your perspective), they usually sell for a few pounds.


- metapraxis02

Dear metapraxis02,

Sorry to tell you they are not BOOK Club Editions and the are Leather Bound.

- joyqueen1

Dear joyqueen1,

The pictures quite clearly show "By Arrangement with Guild Publishing", plus I am familiar with these editions. Guild (also known as BCA - Book Club Associates) is/was the Book Club that produced books by arrangement with GA&U. Makes no odds to me, but your listing is incorrect, and I thought you might like to know. Easier to hope you find a mug, eh?

- metapraxis02

Dear metapraxis02,

Hope u r a mug u plonker to busy putting your mug into anybodys eeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

- joyqueen1

Dear joyqueen1,

Learn English - Maybe even try to get a couple of GCSEs.

- metapraxis02
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