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Re: George Allen & Unwin: A Remembrancer on eBay

Subject: Re: George Allen & Unwin: A Remembrancer on eBay
by Trotter on 2011/7/16 23:12:52

Some quotes on Tolkien from "The British Book Trade: An Oral History" page 195-197 (these are the only mentions in the whole book)

Carol Unwin (wife of Rayner Unwin)

Did you like him (Tolkien)?

Yes, I liked him very much. It was extremely comfortable being in his company. He was very friendly, and incredibly appreciative ....

....Sir Stanley used to make sure that Rayner dealt with Tolkien, because Rayner had an awful lot of patience, which his father hadn't. I can still hear Sir Stanley shaking his head and saying, 'Are we never going to get this manuscript together? We really have to get on this before this Christmas comes around?....

Ronald Whiting (Sales Manager at GA&U)

The Fellowship of the Ring was not the easiest book to get into the bookshops. It was greeted by Tommy Joy, then at the Army & Navy Stores and later famous as the Queen's bookseller at Hatchards, saying, 'I do not sell books on fairies.' That was a fairly common reaction.
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