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Re: Selling my Super Deluxe Children of Hurin & Legend of Sigurd & Gudrun

Subject: Re: Selling my Super Deluxe Children of Hurin & Legend of Sigurd & Gudrun
by Stu on 2011/6/12 3:19:29

I'm not convinced that stock would be that much lower, to be honest. After the initial rush subsided, I just can't see them selling more than a handful a year - Too many people are doing it tough financially at the moment. I could definitely see CoH running out at some point through the normal trickle of sales, but I think S&G will be remaindered in the end (assuming all 500 were actually bound). I would honestly be very surprised if more than 100 copies of S&G have been sold to date, as the response to that particular edition wasn't very positive.

I agree with you that eBay might be your best bet (as I suspect most of the lurkers around TG probably already obtained these books if they were interested) - Take really appealing photos (IMHO these books look best when flash is not used) and you might just get one of those odd "bidding frenzies" that happens from time to time that pushes the price up beyond the "rational price". If you can afford to wait until the first Hobbit movie comes out, the price of CoH might conceivably rise (although you will be competing with another several million items of horrible "Tolkien Landfill", I suppose!).

By the way, if you decide to sell your nice 3 Volume SD LOTR, I'd be interested!

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