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Re: Calendars for sale

Subject: Re: Calendars for sale
by Parmastahir on 2011/7/18 17:31:37

Thanks to Trotter for posting the link to my "What's my calendar worth?" page. I agree that eBay is probably the most ready market for them. As to what you can get for them, there's the rub. The 1977 - 80 Ballantine wall calendars are a bit common even with cardboard mailers (although it's better to have them than not) even if they're unopened . . . unless you have the rare 1979 Hobbit calendar. The desk calendars are a bit less common, especially if you have uncommon Methuen issue. If you have either of those, I'd sell them separately, describe them as the rarities they are, and set a specific minimum. (If you either one, let me know. We can discuss my perception of value.) If not, I think you'd get a better response (number of bids if not price) selling them as a lot. The common ones just don't sell individually and the cost of mailing them is often more than they're worth. I'd suggest watching a number of eBay auctions to get a feel for the market. It's easy to set up automated searches, watch them, and see the result of the auction when done. You'll have an idea of how best to list them (lot or individually) and what they could bring. Even then, one never knows about the eBay marketplace! It all depends upon who's and/or how many are interested. Any further questions, please post and I'll do my best to answer.

Away from The Green Hill Country,

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