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Some Tolkien books for sale

Subject: Some Tolkien books for sale
by FreiWild on 2011/11/23 13:44:24

Hi all!

I want to clean out my shelfs and looking to sell some duplicates.
Before I put them on Ebay, I thought maybe someone want any of those.

If you are interested, just contact me with the price you have in mind and I can send whatever pictures you want regarding the condition. :)

So in short, here are the books (all hardcover).
(using tolkienbooks.net as reference.... once again thanks Deagol)

LotR One Volume 1991 HC 23.imp; 0-261-10230-3

Silmarillion 1977 GA&U 1.imp Billings&Sons; Domestic Edition; 0-04-823139-8

Farmer Giles of Ham 1999 HC 1.imp; 50th Anniversery Edition; 0-261-10377-6

Two Towers 1987 UH Second Edition 14.imp; 0-04-823046-4

RotK 1987 UH Second Edition 14.imp; 0-04-823047-2

Hobbit 1997 HC 9.imp; 0-261-10330-X

HoME 8: The War of the Ring 1990 UH 1.imp; 0-04-440685-1

LotR boxed 1991/1998 HC; 0-261-10234-6 : including FotR 13.imp, TT 9.imp, RotK 9.Imp

Hobbit 1979 Folio 1.imp (no slipcase, inscription)

Hobbit 1997 Folio 1.imp with slipcase; Quantity: 2

Hobbit 3D 1999 HC 1.imp; 0-00-136128-7

LotR boxed 1987 UH; including FotR 16.imp, TT 14.imp, RotK 14.Imp; not the original box (looks like a sturdy selfmade one)

Hobbit (german) Klett-Cotta 12. imp 2008; 978-3-608-93805-0

Best regards,
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