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Re: Interesting eBay Auctions

Subject: Re: Interesting eBay Auctions
by Stu on 2012/7/10 15:29:01

Khamul wrote:
There is just no sensible justification for PoME going for £250+ & MR (now) trading at comfortably under £100 --although I've no doubt it will sell for this kind of price, prices have been dropping for PoME and WotR in recent times. The pulping story is a myth; David Brawn has confirmed this. Your observation about there being more unpriced copies is what I've seen too. Priced copies are definitely less common (--on eBay at least). I don't have either PoME or WotJ, so this is why I'm so narked at these high prices! (--they've got to keep dropping...)


P.S. I intend holding out for a copy for under £200. Quite a few have gone for less in recent auctions.

I think I paid about GBP 190-ish (based on the exchange rate at the time) for my priced copy last year (and I've had the unpriced one for years). I can't see value in these books much above that. Prices seem to be dropping and availability is increasing all the time. The only question is whether the Hobbit movie will drive prices up across the board like last time, I guess.

PoME isn't really rare (the print run being only very marginally less than WoTJ), and I'm not even sure that there are actually less priced copies than unpriced, based on the evidence (2525 copies for the trade + 1565 for the BCA). I guess it would depend on whether some of the trade copies were unpriced for export to Canada/Australia?
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