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Re: Interesting eBay Auctions

Subject: Re: Interesting eBay Auctions
by Peeta on 2012/7/12 21:09:59

Indeed GBP 190 is indeed a good price (considering what copies are going for), but i ran into a seller recently who had a a copy he was willing to sell for GBP 230. The question i ask myself is what is 40 pounds when you're already at almost 200. This copy was unpriced so i thought he was asking too much, i understand the principle of it not being a rare book but people are paying rare book prices, which is what more or less sets the value of something. I kindof wonder if Stu's right, that there are not less priced copies, but that would mean that the collectors are holding on to the priced copies...especially the last 4 HoME books.
The book i listed on this site ends in a couple days and has some competative bidding going on, so i'll be interested to see what it ends at. Really it brings me back to my original question, what's the intact price going to do to it's "value".
Good luck to you Brian on finding a copy for an affordable price! I had some good luck recently and found a decent copy of WotJ that i won for 16 Euros on ebay.de. I was very pleased with this because i would not pay $200 for WotJ, and i've been seeing it go for more than that lately.
It truly is all about patience, knowing what you want to buy and saving up for it (or buying the book when it comes out, right garm )
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