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Re: A Spring Harvest

Subject: Re: A Spring Harvest
by Khamûl on 2012/4/23 7:42:08

Indeed laurel --another reason why someone might not use ABE's checkout. I for one, if I were purchasing several items (particularly from the US), would not individually checkout using ABE. For a start the postage would be highly inaccurate.

I'd possibly want to ask for some sort of price knockdown too, for buying several items. In this example (without paying) one would verbally (email) agree to take a particular book, while browsing their online ABE catalogue for another book that could be slipped into a USPS envelope with the first. Most sellers would hold the initial book for several days while you did this.

Some sellers even "hold" (i.e. reserve) books when you've only enquired about what printing it was, or some such query. On several occasions I've had to tell sellers that my initial enquiry was just that: an enquiry. And, that the book did not need to be held for me & should be made available to anyone else who wanted it. So, again, plenty of reasons why this might have happened.

(Sorry, just read your reply Carl...) It might seem unusual, but £35 is a lot to some poor student, whether they know how valuable the item is, or not. The obvious reason, to me, is as above --they were perhaps buying another item, or paying by cheque. (Or you've been had, as you suggest! )

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