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Re: A Spring Harvest

Subject: Re: A Spring Harvest
by Khamûl on 2012/4/23 11:48:27

Hehe... you sound bitter!

I'm just saying there are quite a lot of explanations as to how this might have come about --& in my mind less of them point to you being diddled, and more point to more mundane book buying practises.

In regard to the poor student scenario --they might just want to double check that the listing is in fact what they think it is. They might just be starting out collecting & not believe their luck. Not everyone is confident of just clicking & spending £35. Loads of people don't want to get into a quarrel later on (asking for a refund), after they find out an item is not what they wanted, or in dreadful condition. It's not really that complicated. You're putting great store in the idea that only hardcore know-their-Tolkien types went for this. I just don't think that's necessarily the case.

Your point about the cheque --if the buyer has no credit card logged online (perhaps unlikely, but for about five years I had an ABE account & no credit card stored) --then how do you think they shake hands on a deal? How do you think anyone did it before mouse clicking? If they contact the seller & say "I'd like this book --could you just confirm who to make a cheque out to..." --then, provided they're first in line, a response of "make it out to John Smith" is the hand shake. They don't need any ABE confirmation of this. Most people would recognise this as deal done, even though there is no money in the sellers bank account. The fact that the seller doesn't immediately remove the listing is, frankly, unsurprising.

But, I'm not sure if I can peruade you. Seriously, someone (who even just wanted to pay by Paypal) just beat you to it!

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