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Re: [WANTED]: 1998 deluxe signed ed. of the Silmarillion

Subject: Re: [WANTED]: 1998 deluxe signed ed. of the Silmarillion
by cumbrian dwarf on 2012/8/13 10:53:44

Thank you for the replies. It is interesting to see everyone's different opinions on how much they feel this book is worth.

There are other books which i would place ahead of this one in terms of desirability for me, though if this came up at a great price i would definitely go for it.

Does anyone think the values of Tolkien books in general will decrease after the next PJ trilogy is released and the fans it draws in subsides?

As if so perhaps its better to just play a waiting game to get some of the limited edition books. If this book was originally sold for around 250 but the last one on Ebay was 595, that is a big jump in price for a book that is less than 15 years old.

In that time though obviously there has been the lotr movie trilogy with the general increase in fans, some of which must have ended up becoming fans of the actual source material and then also wanting to collect Tolkien works. Pushing up prices?

On another note - I'm sorry if this is too off topic, but how often does Anniversary Super De Luxe Edition (1987) of The Hobbit come up for sale and does anyone know the prices it goes for? Its another book which i have my eye on - i think its a beautiful edition and happens to be from the year of my birth (i know, I'm a young whippersnapper )
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