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Re: [WANTED]: 1998 deluxe signed ed. of the Silmarillion

Subject: Re: [WANTED]: 1998 deluxe signed ed. of the Silmarillion
by laurel on 2012/8/13 9:56:22

This is a nice book to be sure and one which rarely comes on ebay (2 in last 2.5 years).
What is a reasonable price ?
Good question and my answer would be 'the price you are willing to pay'

Like most of us on this forum I really wanted a copy and I knew I would have to pay a fair bit. Fate worked for me a little and whilst some would say blimey how much! I was happy to pay the asking price and I am sure had I not someone else would have done.

I am not sure what these were originally sold for? Anyone know? I guess £250 ?

The problem is hardly any ever come onto an open auction market so the current market value is a bit of a guess and if one came up tomorrow for £750 buy it now i am sure it would be snapped up.
Is it worth this sort of money - who knows?
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