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Re: Ebay: Global Postage Programme

Subject: Re: Ebay: Global Postage Programme
by JonClark on 2013/4/4 20:04:40

I sell internationally often on ebay and just noticed the global postage option the other day. From what I could tell, after the sell completes rather than simply mailing the item directly to the buyer myself, I would send it to an ebay global shipping center where they would then mail it overseas for me. My guess is ebay has had issues with some sellers not knowing how to get an appropriate tracking number on international shipping. When I buy from the UK and they ship to America, USPS picks up the tracking number without any problem. However, most shipping methods from America to another country via USPS will provide tracking only up to customs and not the whole way. This means some evil buyers can simply claim they never got the item and get their money back because the tracking information is incomplete. It is an OK plan for my grandma who would have no idea which shipping method to choice, but it is pretty useless if you know then ins and outs of USPS and which delivery method will be sufficient to prevent an ebay claim against you.
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