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Re: WANTED: US/HM 1998 Silmarillion Hb (Nasmith)

Subject: Re: WANTED: US/HM 1998 Silmarillion Hb (Nasmith)
by Stu on 2013/5/5 5:05:23

Khamûl wrote:
The postage situation is just a huge pain in the backside. Postage for items coming over from the US was always something I kept an eye on, but now it's literally stopping me buying anything from overseas. I mean, $25-30-40 to get a book posted over!? This is just far, far too much money. I'm looking at sellers asking for postage of £20+ for pamphlets & the like. It's just not affordable anymore.

As for Amazon --I intend to buy as little as possible from them (direct) from now on. (I already bought very little from them anyway.) I only bought two books on Amazon last year & haven't bought anything from them this year.


I basically no longer buy from the US at all. The problem seems to partly be eBay, because the postage estimates it generates are by no means the cheapest way to post. The flat rate USPS boxes were always the cheapest (maybe $20 to Australia, but other USPS services were often twice as much). Now it seems like sellers just go with the most expensive default option, which seems to be $40 - $60 for a regular hardback, which is insane. Postage from the UK isn't nearly as bad, but unless it is something worth more than 50 pounds that I want to inspect before leaving feedback (which is rare for me these days), I just go with the in-laws option and accept that I won't see the item for a year (or more, if like this time there was too much stuff for my wife to bring back :)).
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