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Re: Tolkien Studies vol. VI

Subject: Re: Tolkien Studies vol. VI
by Khamûl on 2013/6/9 5:15:29

I have to comment here...

What is the point in the leading academic journal for Tolkien scholarship letting volumes go out of print? Not only are academic publications reasonably expensive to begin with, but on the second-hand market they are even more expensive. I know this is a book collecting forum (& not everyone here may feel this way) but would the authors, who have had their work printed between the boards of TStudies, not be better served by having the volumes in print?

Yes, they are available digitally; but if the physical books are not to be reprinted (their destiny now is only to become collector's items, apparently), then what is the point in making them physically available in the first place? Why not just fully digital? WVUP currently have volumes I to VI out of print. On the WVUP website volume I isn't available at all! What the hell is this all about? (You can't even view the content.) So everything in volume I is literally unavailable to anyone other than those with $200+ to burn. Not really very good.

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