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Re: 1991 Polish Game

Subject: Re: 1991 Polish Game
by springlering on 2008/9/20 12:13:16

Hi, Jeremy.

Thanks for the info. He's sent me photos of the game itself. I'm not sure if it's the same one, so I have sent him the link you provided to ask him.

He's not a LOTR collector himself. He collects in another movie field, our paths crossed a while back, and I occasionally trade him American things from his genre for Polish LOTR, (which is why I have a reputation amongst friends and family for "whoring for Frodo".) But seriously, it's nice to have trade relationships with reliable people you're not actually competing with, lol! Makes life much easier.

Thanks muchly for the link. I've had your very nice site on my links page, too.

On the subject of trades, I am looking for the silver foil Nestlé promo poster from the UK. It was a FOTR movie promo, late 2001, early 2002. I think maybe you had to send in proofs of purchase to get one back via mail?

I would happily trade for one. I have the gold, which was the more "premium" version, but never got around to getting a silver one, which I always regretted.

This is the gold one. It is foil, etched, and very reflective.Quite an odd promo, considering how easily they damaged, but a beautiful one.
[img width=300]Photobucket[/img]
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