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1991 Polish Game

Subject: 1991 Polish Game
by springlering on 2008/9/13 9:01:27


I'm new here, and I specialize in movie trilogy collectibles, which I tout at my (shameless plug here, let's get it out of the way....) website at www.springlering.com

I am doing a trade with a fellow in Poland, who is sending me what he says is a 1991 LOTR (possibly Hobbit) board game in Polish.

There's a bit of a language barrier, I have fuzzy pictures of cards and a gameboard. I've traded with him before, and he's reliable, so I know it'll get here, eventually, and will be what he says.

He's just determined I should have it, and he's a great trader, so I don't want to offend him, but, I will have no use for it, it's pre-movie.

If anyone's interested, I will gladly swap it for any unusual LOTR movie trilogy item for my own collection (once it gets here, of course). Can provide extensive references, since ya'll don't know me.

Will also be at ALEP later this month, and can introduce myself in person.

There is a very slim chance I might even have it in hand by then, although I doubt it.

Anyway, email me if interested, and please keep me in mind if you book collectors stumble on movie stuff you don't care for. In true Hobbit fashion, I am particularly fond of consumables like soda cups, candy wrappers, popcorn bags, cereal and snack premiums, etc, as well as press material.

Mel aka Springlering
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