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Re: Books on George Allen, GA&U and Unwin Brothers

Subject: Re: Books on George Allen, GA&U and Unwin Brothers
by Trotter on 2010/5/9 0:51:17

I'm sure that Remy would not mind me posting extracts from the email that he received on the subject, from Merlin Unwin, publisher of the book.

"Dear Remy
Thanks for your email. Alas, I am unable to help you with this request.
My father’s book was printed in small numbers (I think 300 from memory) and it is rather frustrating that we under-printed slightly. I have looked into the costs of a small reprint and sadly it looks untenable for us – so really your best bet is to get hold of it from a library or possibly via www.abebooks.com. Hope this is of help and sorry we can’t supply you with your own copy.
Merlin Unwin

Merlin Unwin Books
Palmers House
7 Corve Street
Shropshire SY8 1DB
Tel: 01584 877456
Fax: 01584 877457

I have seen two copies for sale in the last five years, one on eBay (about three years ago) and one very recently on Abebooks (which was withdrawn from sale as it had been sold privately).

If you have not done so already set up a Want on abebooks using the following information, you will get an email if a copy comes up for sale

George Allen & Unwin: A Remembrancer Rayner Unwin. Merlin Unwin Books. ISBN 1873674376

It is also helpful to see what the book looks like so you can keep an eye out for it in second hand bookshops so I have attached a copy of the cover. The spine is also very distinctive in grey and yellow with "George Allen & Unwin" as the title.

Good luck in finding a copy, it is an excellent book.

It may be worth people who are interested in the book contacting Merlin, I see on his web site that he sells limited leather editions of books and I'd assume that if he produced a limited leather edition of this book there is a market of buyers readily available to buy the book (I'd buy a copy).
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