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Re: Books on George Allen, GA&U and Unwin Brothers

Subject: Re: Books on George Allen, GA&U and Unwin Brothers
by remy on 2010/5/10 0:43:09

This is an extract from one of my posts on this forum from Feb 2008 regarding the same topic:

"As such, this is not quite a limited edition of 100 copies (There were one or two previous 'Limited' Editions). Thorton's are actually the publishers (Wim Meeuws) and the booklet is currently 'in print' and available.

I believe there were two other limited edition print runs (One being 250 copies and the other 50). I am not sure which was the first print run (possibly the 250 print run).

The current print run of 100 copies is not numbered. The earlier 250 print run is numbered on the back cover. I don't have one from the print run of 50 copies (if this exists - I belive from a previous conversation with Wim, that some/most/all of these may have been lost when he moved)."

In addition there are also 12 copies bound in paper over boards which were printed in addition to the current 2007 Limited Print Run of 100.

I also think that there may have been another 26 copies (Marked A-Z) in addition to the original 250 print run (same softcover binding as the original 250) - not 100% sure about this.

As Khamul stated, it has a complicated printing history and there may well be another print run other than the ones I know about.

And indeed, there are copies from the un-numbered 2007 Print Run of 100 still available for sale even now (on ABE and ILAB).
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