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Re: CS Lewis

Subject: Re: CS Lewis
by Roccondil on 2012/7/26 15:49:14

Well, I've got a little of everything really, although I'm not quite as obsessive as with Tolkien. Like my Tolkien interests, it derives from what I found pleasure in reading when I was young. I have 1sts of the space trilogy and of the Narnia books (though mostly later impressions) and quite a lot of his religous and other books. I suppose my CS Lewis 'lucky find' was a 1st impression Screwtape in a book sale a few years ago. The interaction between Lewis and Tolkien has always fascinated me as well and I have several books covering that area. My most recent acquisition was mentioned in a thread on here and was a Pauline Baynes-signed illustration from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

I've only recently been able to get all my Lewis and Tolkien books into a purpose-built library area, so now at last I can see what I've been collecting over the last few years. (How on earth did I end up with 5 copies of Morgoth's Ring? I've no idea...)
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