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Re: Signature/Autograph Database?

Subject: Re: Signature/Autograph Database?
by Urulöké on 2008/12/18 16:13:44

I agree with Beren for the most part here - one of the biggest problems with fakes right now is that it is so easy to duplicate from high-res images.

I don't know if you all recall, but when the Children of Hurin signed bookplates came out (the New York Barnes & Noble version from 2007), they were appearing on eBay almost immediately, and most/all had good provenance. About a week later, someone posted an eBay auction for one, and included a very large, high-res image of the bookplate. As an unfortunate aside, the bookplate itself is just a black and white design, that reporoduces very well with a good scanner/printer. Suddenly, there were dozens of copies of the "signed bookplate" on eBay, all looking remarkably the same, and with no provenance.

I think there might be a good market for having an online set of articles and images to help the collector, that are "destroyed" for purposes of reproducability/faking (watermarked, low-res, other possibilities), but I haven't figured out a good way to do anything like that that would help the collector but be of no use to the forger. I would love to hear more opinions/discussion on this!

One possibility is to have a tight-knit circle of trusted people that would have access to the database, but anything online is hackable or expensive. One question to pose to you all is, would it be worth enough to you to have access to something like this to have a fee attached to it?
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