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Re: Tolkien Signed Book

Subject: Re: Tolkien Signed Book
by Stu on 2009/1/27 20:12:18

>I just noticed today that this book is also for sale through Beren's website--Tolkien Library. I guess it must be pretty legit then even though it lacks a provenance.

Yes, the Tolkien library shop essentially points to David Miller's (i.e. Tolkien Bookshelf's) store. The presence of an item on the Tolkien Library store has no real bearing - IMHO - on the legitimacy of that item or the accuracy of its description. Actually, some of the descriptions that David Miller uses for items on the Tolkien Library store are a bit questionable: e.g. describing a book [#000444] as "mint condition, opened only to inspect" and "mint unread condition" on the one hand (in bold) and then stating "a few spots of foxing on the limitation notice" (in normal typeface) on the other. It's either mint or has foxing, not both. In this case, looking at the picture, it can be seen that the foxing is quite severe and the book is not "mint" at all.

I've seen a few examples of this in the store, and they have always really irked me. They may just be cut and paste errors, but I believe these are all things that impact on the credibility of the seller.

I'm not saying this particular item [the signed book] is not legit, as I really don't have enough expertise to judge (although I reserve the right to form an opinion). However, I don't think it is a safe assumption that one can authenticate an item simply because the seller happens to have an association with someone you happen to trust (in this case, Beren). I think each item needs to be judged on its merit.

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