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Re: Tolkien Signed Book

Subject: Re: Tolkien Signed Book
by Khamûl on 2009/1/29 10:15:00

I'm sure Beren will be on soon enough! But, it really is (or I'd imagine it is) pretty difficult to sell signatures without coming up against this problem. Decent provenance doesn't always come with all signed books; so what else is a seller to do? Other than, pull a sale if its seriously in question. Of course one could avoid aquiring them in the first place...

(Stu) On the matter of descriptions of condition; heavens! -this is a whole other thread! Any glance at Abebooks reveals that the majority of sellers are incapable (or simply unwilling) to list condition correctly; as well as a number of other important bibliographical points.

Why can't they stick to the guidance give by their respective associations (i.e. the ABAA, ILAB, PBFA etc). 'Mint' is not a recognised description of condition; books & jackets should be given a seperate condition grading etc etc. Hardly any sellers comply with these 'rules'; and many have no interest in answering specific questions you ask (mainly due to their lack of detail). There's also the historical nonsense that is the statement '1rst Edition'. Bah!...

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