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Re: Signed Silmarillions

Subject: Re: Signed Silmarillions
by Khamûl on 2009/10/5 2:33:11

The first auction (seller: bibliology) is for the same copy that I posted a thread about back in May. (The present auction has now finished with no takers.)

John & Priscilla Signed Silmarillion on eBay...

I can't remember the seller (nobody familiar), but evidently it was purchased by bibliology at that time: price was £157. That seller answered questions quite honestly; the opening price was pretty low if I recall; and the seller was at Oxenmoot themselves.

This gene--ius auction is indeed very suspicious. Firstly they're nearly identical. Secondly, look at the sellers rating and other two auctions: both local pick-up, with dubious return policy. I think this is a fake. In reply to how the signing came about seller replied:

Unfortunately I cannot be too sure as it was my grandfather who got them signed and he has passed on but I believe it was at Oxenmoot in 1977 which seems to be a yearly meeting for the tolkien society in the UK which he was a part of. I hope that answers your question.
- gene--ius

Seems very convenient.

On looking at the signatures themselves: John Tolkien's signature is very similar in both. However the suspect Priscilla signature is slightly different: the P is slightly laboured; the two l's are joined; and the k is lost in 'Tolkien'. The red pen is also unusual. And if you follow that this is a fake then I suspect after doing Priscilla's in blue (like the bibliology one) the seller decided that black would be too exact, and having no other colour (that would be likely) did John's in red.

Although in saying all this, often when one appears on eBay, another (genuine auction) follows shortly after.

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