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Re: Tolkien Signatures on eBay???

Subject: Re: Tolkien Signatures on eBay???
by laurel on 2009/10/30 4:51:09

Hello all
I am a keen Tolkien fan and have read with interest previously topics. This is my first posting on a subject which i feel very strongly about. A little while ago i was offered this letter along with another in a private sale. You may also recall a previous posting in which a signed Hobbit was for sale by the same seller.

In a nutshell the providence given didnt make sense- ie an old couple (would not name) who cleaned for Tolkien and Wiseman found the hobbit book and letters and other items in the loft !!?!?! at Cobblestones before it was demolished. When i really started to ask why the friends/cleaners would have letters addressed to different people in their possession the story quickly stopped.

This contradicted an earlier explanation that the Hobbit was brought in an auction and found in amongst a load of other books!!
Incidentally the other letter alledgedly to Hooper !! (not yet on ebay ) was in the same looking blue ink !! and aspects of it just didnt make sense gramatically, an error I am sure Tolkien would not have made. omething

This seller is very lucky to have so many signed items !!!!

Enough said - but rest assured I will not be bidding on these items.
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