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Re: Tolkien Signatures on eBay???

Subject: Re: Tolkien Signatures on eBay???
by Beren on 2009/10/30 2:56:19

As for the TLS - I have bougth 3 similar in the past and have examined them up close. Firstly they all have the same origin - an old couple who was close to Tolkien and especially friends with Christopher Wiseman; and have a large collection of TLS from both Tolkien and Lewis and multiple interesting signed books as well (most will probably never see the open market); most of the TLS were written to Dr. Higgins (who was also Tolkien's doctor and friend) or his relatives.

They have a correct letterhead and show the correct watermark, when held up against the light. The signatures also looks good, but the content is never very interesting. And also, for one or another reason, all the TLS are quit dirty and were not stored in a clean manner.

As for items signed by both Tolkien & Lewis, I hold in my collection a photograph of the youngsters of Magdalen College which was signed by Tolkien & Lewis. Have not been able to find out yet why they would have signed the picture and who are all the people in the picture. But it came out of the house of Christopher Wiseman and in a short while I'll be contacting Wayne & Christina to aid me in the investigation of this item.

This Lewis book seems to be coming from the same collection and might have been Dr Higgins or Wiseman's copy. If my guessing is right... since many of both there personal items where kept in one collection since there death and because of the financial crisis the current owners are letting some of the lesser items go...
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