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Re: Tolkien Signatures on eBay???

Subject: Re: Tolkien Signatures on eBay???
by Stu on 2009/11/18 16:36:43

I think that everyone (except for collector) is on the same page regarding the dubious authenticity of these Higgins/Hooper letters. Like others have posted, if Wayne and Christina have doubts, it's hard not to take those doubts very seriously indeed. I'm sure that they have forgotten more about Tolkien than I will ever know. That collector isn't aware of the high regard that their opinions are held in, suggests that he (or she) needs to do some study in the area.

However, other people's options aside, there is just no logic to the existence of these letters. It just makes no sense to me that Tolkien would write all these letters to different people at different times, using the same typewriter and paper, signed in the same pen and ink, and then not bother to post any of them (and have them all age in the same rather 'forced' way). It's definitely not impossible, but it is certainly highly improbable.

On a related subject, we often see certificates of authenticity from so-called "experts" coming along with these kinds of items. Am I the only person that considers these to be completely and utterly worthless? For me, the only thing that can really provide much confidence in an item, is if it (a) simply 'makes sense', (b) has a *verifiable* history and (c) matches other *verified* exemplars.

That said, I'm happy to provide a certificate of "Non-Authenticity" (for a fee, of course) for these letters, as they seem to fail horribly on all counts.

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