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Re: Tolkien Signatures on eBay???

Subject: Re: Tolkien Signatures on eBay???
by Elwë on 2010/2/24 16:18:17

I just noticed the "signed" illustration on ebay and came here to post it in the forum. Looks like David beat me to it! I also have tried to contact ebay repeatedly about these kind of things, but the effectiveness is very questionable. I have to agree that this forum is a great place to flag these fakes. After all, nothing seems to get past this group.

It is a shame that some people get ripped off by these clowns. However, people should also have some common sense. If people just do a little research, making a bad purchase can usually be avoided.

It's also too bad there isn't a place on ebay to advertise TCG as a place to help authenticate Tolkien autographs. We could almost just list our own auctions as "J.R.R. Tolkien Autograph", and then just make the listing a warning about fraudulent autographs. You could potentially add a link to this thread, stating that it is a great place to research the authenticity of autographs. A lot of times they have free auction style listings, so listing something for $0.01, and stating that it is information only, might be feasible. Nobody would have to buy anything, they would just have to read the auction listing. I am sure that ebay would frown on such a marketing-style listing, but it might be another way to get their attention. I, for one, would be willing to try something like this. Any other ideas (or feedback on this one)?

P.S. TCG wouldn't necessarily have to be mentioned in such an auction, and I personally would never mention this site without the approval of TCG and its members (wouldn't want to implicate any unwilling parties or persons in my scheme!).
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