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Re: Alexander Autographs

Subject: Re: Alexander Autographs
by Trotter on 2010/1/8 22:58:48

Alexander Autographs are withdrawing that item and sent me the following email

Our consignor gave us this piece along with the other Tolkien items we are auctioning, and we relied on their expertise and reputation, quite frankly. I think, as you note, that the facsimile is both quite good and very specific, but, as was noted on your forum post, we should have known better with the heavy stock. At any rate, I explored your previous posts, and when I found this, it pretty much closed the case: http://www.hobbit.ca/UK111e-signed.jpg.

Please note that the item is being withdrawn from the sale; this change should be reflected very soon on the internet, and will again be noted on the day of the sale. You definitely have our thanks, and we would be quite grateful if you would take the trouble to post our admission and apologies onto your forum so that the Tolkien community can see that we take such errors very seriously, and do our best to correct them.

David Miller also sent me the copy that I have so he probably had a hand in producing them. I'd imagine it would be difficult to sell the original now as everyone would think it was a copy.
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