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AL fake too?

Subject: AL fake too?
by Khamûl on 2010/1/13 2:31:20

(I'm possibly imagining this! )
To be honest with you, I think even this is a fake:

Signed JRR Tolkien's the Children of the Hurin

What does everyone think?
First image: Suspicious Lee signature
Remaining images: Better AL examples (perhaps)

I have quite a few Alan Lee signed CoH's, and this one just doesn't seem right. Too heavy, and deliberate. Out of interest, anyone have a note of where Lee was the week of launch?

He was at the launch in London on Tuesday 17th April. He was at the ADCbooks preview party on the evening of the 20th, and the next day on the 21st (the only private signing he attended.) I think he was in Oxford Friday daytime. And I remember he was at a Forbidden Planet at some point during the week too. Incidentally, Lee doesn't seem to have been too consistent with his abbreviated month, using either '04' or simply '4'.

With all these suspicious signatures, I'm beggining to wonder (as someone has already pointed out) whether it is entirely wise to discuss in such detail what's 'suspicous' about these signatures on this site. Hmmm...

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