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Re: Is Christopher Tolkien's sig a worthy investment?

Subject: Re: Is Christopher Tolkien's sig a worthy investment?
by garm on 2010/7/24 4:26:21

Wow! that's a lot of money for a signature (nice as it is). I've just done a quick count-up; ten so far as I can recall. Some are everyday - eg the Hobbit signed by Alan Lee and CT, and the full-leather Sigurd, and CoH. Plus the Silm. de luxe signed by CT, and Ted Nasmith. These are as they come, off the shelf.

Then there are the less usual ones; the full-leather TH with a signed bookplate for instance, ditto the Silm. And a 'de luxe' CoH, also ditto.

Finally, there are a couple of quite rare items, which I shan't say too much about.

I've little idea of monetary values of these items (and no, I'm not asking for opinions). None of these will be sold in my lifetime. if they should turn out to have been investments (a thought which really doesn't bother me) then my heirs will reap any future benefit, not me.
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