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Re: Is Christopher Tolkien's sig a worthy investment?

Subject: Re: Is Christopher Tolkien's sig a worthy investment?
by Khamûl on 2010/7/25 6:17:30

I was going to post a rather long reply here bruffyboy giving some prices of all eBay book auctions I noted with Christopher Tolkien's signature; but I ain't got the time (or will!).

I've seen four previous eBay auctions selling CT signed copies of The Silmarilion; specifically copies signed and sold to GA&U employees --like the one you discuss here.

2006: "Father worked for GA&U" £105
2006: Another, same story, but slightly poorer provenance £103
2008: ditto, vg provenance, with documentation £92
[2009: Signed sticker affixed (signed at Cent. Conf.) £102]
2010: Another employee copy, withdrawn.

So, as you can see, there is no previous history of prices like £414. Although this does follow some more recent form of disappointingly high prices paid for copies of The Silmarillion e.g the flatsigned.com Billing copy sold this April, with signed label affixed, some dubious paperwork, and a customised slipcase: $2200 (£1428).

There have of course been many other CT signed books sold on eBay: CoH deluxe, CoH launch day signed copies (UK & US), deluxe Hobbit, S&G, 1998 Silm deluxe, 1982 Silm deluxe, and a few other miscellaneous signed copies, and several copycat fakes. Overwhelmingly, with many of these being published signed copies, and being excellent books in their own right, prices of these are high.

I can post eBay prices (I've noted) for an idea of market form if you like. I think this copy you went for was a good chance at a cheaper CT signature acquisition; not worth £400+ though.

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