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Re: Signed items [Cursor Mundi]

Subject: Re: Signed items [Cursor Mundi]
by Findegil on 2011/9/18 18:51:59

We're glad to see that the seller has acknowledged David Miller's opinion that the 'J.R.R. Tolkien' signatures are of questionable authenticity. This is our opinion also.

Wayne & Christina

Important Addendum to Listing - Serious Question Raised On Authenticity of Apparent Tolkien Signature: We received an email from a member of the online Tolkien discussion group tolkienguide.com, who put us in touch with David Miller. While he is not a handwriting expert, Mr. Miller is an expert in Tolkien items and runs a bookstore specializing in Tolkien, The Tolkien Bookshelf out of Newton, Kansas ( www.TolkienBookshelf.com ). He has dealt with a number of Tolkien signatures, real and otherwise. It is his opinion that these signatures are fakes/forgeries. In comparing the signatures on these books with known genuine exemplars, Mr. Miller said, "the big tip-off is the crossed lower loop of the 'J'."

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