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Re: Lovely copy of the LOTR on eBay

Subject: Re: Lovely copy of the LOTR on eBay
by Stu on 2012/11/10 4:41:54

Trotter wrote:
Saw this on another site.

http://www.ebay.com/itm/Tolkien-Signe ... tible&hash=item20cd49e9d5

"JRR Tolkien presentation copy of Lord of the Rings and letter to his personal physician! One of the last books signed letters he wrote! He died in their home. Several other items from Denis Tolhurst included.

Dr. Denis Tolhurst 20 April 1973 is a letter from J.R.R. Tolkien to Dr. Denis Tolhurst, written on 20 April, 1973.

Description: The letter was found loosely inserted in an inscribed copy of The Lord of the Rings (to Dr. and Mrs. Tolhurst, "May 21 1973 Denis & Joycelyn from Ronald"). Signed by Tolkien ("your loving "Dad"") to Dr. Tolhurst ("Physician Extraordinary"). 2 pages, oblong 8vo, Good Friday [20 April] 1973.

Contents: Tolkien notes an imminent gathering of his family "...to hear what the Govt. and their trustee lawyer are going to let them have to live on this year out of Dad's earnings..." He notes he is "feeling refreshed" and states "...the good domestic cooking of plain English style has restored my appetite." Discussing the weather Tolkien notes "...as far as we are concerned your 'Spring is a-coming in' is an unfulfilled prophecy with rustic accuracy and lack of 'delicacy', as a time when heorst sterteth, bulluc verteth ie 'hart leaps up, and bullock farts'... Tolkien ends with reference to what would be his final visit: "...I warn you that I shall be eager to accept any invitation to your lovely house at any time when you feel you can bear it..."

Lovely book - If only I hadn't lost $40,000 on the AUD/NZD cross in the last month, I could pop out and buy it! Gotta hate moving countries (and I'm not even thinking about having to pack up all my books again)...
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