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Re: Poor Journalism

Subject: Re: Poor Journalism
by Trotter on 2013/5/4 6:50:00

Findegil wrote:
Mr. Curtin contacted me last month about the copy of Tree and Leaf. I replied, in part, addressing several points made on the website: "All copies of Tree and Leaf in its first edition contain a printed facsimile Tolkien signature on the title-page, as shown in the video. My wife and I have in our Tolkien collection multiple copies of multiple printings of Tree and Leaf, and the facsimile signature is present from the first through at least the eighth impression of the hardback and the ninth of the paperback. Although both the hardback and paperback editions of Tree and Leaf were published simultaneously (from identical sheets), on 28 May 1964, the work was originally conceived by George Allen & Unwin for publication in its 'Unwin Books' (or 'U Books') paperback series, a feature of which was a facsimile signature of the author printed on the title-page. The same Tolkien signature appears as well in the Unwin Books edition of The Hobbit (1966)."


Wayne thanks for this but i wonder why no notice of your email was taken, he acknowledged my comments on the book's printed signature as if it was new information and that he had not heard it before.

I told him nothing that was not better expressed in your email.
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