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Re: A nice blog on collecting Tolkien books

Subject: Re: A nice blog on collecting Tolkien books
by garm on 2010/8/1 15:21:41

Very impressive, so far! I wish you well with it. It's not something I'd do myself (there weren't no such things as blogs when I started collecting), and I couldn't catch up with my collection now - too big!

But, if this is meant to be a discussion thread, I do have a thought or two about the assertion that the UK 50th anniversary edition is widely regarded as the most luxurious edition. I can't help wondering where this notion comes from. Speaking as one who has copies of all the de luxe editions so far, I think the paper and foil covers of this edition will probably not last as long nor as well as the cloth and leather of its predecessors, nor the buckram of the 1969 original.

If it comes down to personal preference, this is my favourite, not least because it was seen by Tolkien himself; he called it 'the Bible edition'* because it was printed on Oxford India paper, which makes a very elegant edition, plus it has full sized maps! I can forgive the odd typo and the lack of the Pages of Mazarbul for those lovely thin pages, and those gorgeous maps!

*according to his grand-daughter Joanna Tolkien - see her 1995 after-dinner speech in the booklet 'Digging Potatoes, Growing Trees - 25 years of After-Dinner Speeches at the Tolkien Society's Annual Dinners' Vol.2, ed. Helen Armstrong, 1998.
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