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Re: A nice blog on collecting Tolkien books

Subject: Re: A nice blog on collecting Tolkien books
by bruffyboy on 2010/8/15 9:21:49

Trotter wrote:

At that rate HarperCollins would sell out of copies in 4 years time, or they may remainder them..

As I explain in the blog, I based the sales figures on what has gone in the last six months- someone (possibly on this forum) posted that they had bought number 260 in Jan this year, so the sales figures of around 200 a year at the moment (outside of the early rush from collectors) seems right to me. Obviously it is all guess work, but somewhere around there seems right.

Out of interest Trotter, what do you guess will be the value of the book when Harper Collins has sold out? If this does happen in a year or so, surely the value will go up a little then? Obviously I am new to all this and know you are very knowledgable, so I am keen to know your thoughts.

If value is linked to low print numbers (as the last couple of editions on the HOME series and their current value suggest), then this is a winner with a print run of 500. If value is linked to signatures, then this is as good as it is now possible to get, with good old JRR now gone. If value is based on the actual product quality, then this is pretty much THe best in that field. Surely the only thing holding this back from massive profit in the future is the fact that it is not LOTR or the Hobbit?

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