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Re: A nice blog on collecting Tolkien books

Subject: Re: A nice blog on collecting Tolkien books
by Khamûl on 2010/8/16 4:18:24

Bruffyboy, you have to ask yourself --who is now buying the signed deluxe CoH? The rush at the beggining, as you say, was from all the mad collectors (in the main); some bought a few copies; some of these sales would, undoubtedly, be to dealers too. But with distribution being direct publisher-to-customer the potential for making any money as a dealer was, I assume, pretty low until discounting started kicking in. Once discounting started I think quite a lot of the sales would have been driven by book dealer purchases, not collectors.

So you might ask: why is a title, with a (relatively) small print run, still sitting at only about 2/3rds sold after (& I think you mis-calculate Trotter!; was the deluxe not published in Nov. 2007?) nearly three years? Is Tolkien suddenly unpopular? Was CoH unpopular? I would suggest the main reason is the price (& the title itself; the 'story' is known) --£350 is lot of money for a book; deluxe, leather-bound, or not.

As for value. It will never be worth (your while paying) more than £350 while stock remains with the publisher; obviously (--& one wouldn't even want to pay that now!) And, once it's 'sold out', probably about half the copies will be in the hands of people wanting (either at the time, or at a later date) to sell theirs. It's really about supply & demand. Will there be a couple of hundred people out there wanting to buy a copy and willing to pay £400, £500, or as you suggest, £700? I don't know. Just because someone on ABE has a copy sitting listed at £700, doesn't mean anyone is willing to pay that for it...

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