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Re: A nice blog on collecting Tolkien books

Subject: Re: A nice blog on collecting Tolkien books
by Khamûl on 2010/8/16 10:35:43

There's a couple of problems here with your argument bruffyboy!

First of all, I don't agree with any of your examples of 'value' or 'price'. I do recognise them, but I also recognise that just because something is listed for £1000, doesn't mean someone will buy it; and if someone does buy it, it doesn't mean it's worth that. (Reputable 'Tolkien' dealer or not.)

The £414 Silmarillion is, at present (& I'm willing to be proved very wrong here), an untypical price. If you read my post on recent prices --there is no precedence for this high a price. Secondly, what collector valued the piece at £400+? No collector. The Tolkien Bookshelf (a book dealer) bought this copy. It now sits on AbeBooks for $1250. Will someone now pay $1250 for it? I don't care. It's not worth this much. There are Tolkien books on Abebooks that have been listed since I opened my eBay account in 2003; they are overpriced & nobody has been willing to pay the amount they are listed for. (Incidentally, copies of The Silmarillion can be picked up, with ease, for less than £10.)

But there are other contradictory points I could make. You are very right about the rarity of the GA&U signed Silmarillions. But people tend to keep & look after £350 deluxe signed books a little better. I'd be very surprised if anyone had a signed deluxe CoH in any condition other than fine for the next decade; and even more surprised if there weren't still 500 in existence too. They're not just going to disappear. 1977 signed Silmarillions won't disappear either --but they can, by the careless, be overlooked & mistaken for any other 1977 copy amongst ten’s, if not hundreds, of thousands of copies. This ain't going to happen with a deluxe CoH i.e. it's rarity will not change over the next decade.

Btw, I agree with Garm. Bit more tact in regard to CT. The guys alive & kicking --he even has a book out in November!

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