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Re: A nice blog on collecting Tolkien books

Subject: Re: A nice blog on collecting Tolkien books
by bruffyboy on 2010/8/16 11:41:47

But there are other contradictory points I could make. You are very right about the rarity of the GA&U signed Silmarillions. But people tend to keep & look after £350 deluxe signed books a little better. I'd be very surprised if anyone had a signed deluxe CoH in any condition other than fine for the next decade; and even more surprised if there weren't still 500 in existence too. They're not just going to disappear. 1977 signed Silmarillions won't disappear either --but they can, by the careless, be overlooked & mistaken for any other 1977 copy amongst ten’s, if not hundreds, of thousands of copies. This ain't going to happen with a deluxe CoH i.e. it's rarity will not change over the next decade.

I think you've hit the nail on the head here, and this is the point I was missing! Kind of tempts me to open my CoH and treat it carefully but at least have a good look at it!

I would like to think the rise in Silmarillion price (and I know from another thread it was a massive hike on previous prices), could be linked to the drying of of CT signatures - based purely on the fact that CT no longer does book tours or signings, his sig is getting rarer. Obviously at least two people thought it was worth that much.

I guess I can only really talk from my own experience, and I know I would pay, for example, £350, for the 1992 deluxe's mentioned. I am guessing they originally cost around half that? So a doubling of original purchase price just does not seem crazy to me for a nice book that is in good condition and has sold out everywhere else.
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