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Re: A nice blog on collecting Tolkien books

Subject: Re: A nice blog on collecting Tolkien books
by Khamûl on 2010/8/17 1:05:57

I have to agree with Jlong here. I don't think anyone should pay four figures (£ that is) for any post mortem book relating to Tolkien --why not just go out and buy a few genuine early impression of, for example, LotRs?

(Bruffyboy) CT never did any 'signings' (not really), and his signature can't possibly be getting rarer! Where are they going? If you mean it's harder to get a recent signature, then that too would be untrue --there are more CT signatures kicking about from recent times than ever: CoH launch bookplates, CoH Super Deluxe, S&G Super Deluxe --there's approx 1900 for you. His signature is not uncommon, and isn't going to become so I don't think.

Also, if you want to compare prices, you have to think about what, say, £100 was actually worth back in 1982 i.e. the price for the 1982 signed copies of the deluxe Silmarillion --inflation and all that. What would £100 of early 1980's UK money be equivalent to now? I'm not going to guess, but I would suggest many hundreds. That said, it sounds like the most elegant, well made of the Super Deluxe editions...

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