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Re: Why????????????????

Subject: Re: Why????????????????
by garm on 2011/7/17 4:02:10

>My point was about the human tendency to make presumptions regarding what the dead might think (if they weren't dead). IMHO, this process involves attributing our own opinions to the dead in order to bolster the validity of said opinions. Surely it is enough to say "*I* do not approve", rather than "Tolkien would not have approved" and let that opinion stand on its own merit.<

I totally agree - I find a lot of folk say things like 'Tolkien would have _loved_ the movies; this sentiment is usually expressed by movies fans who haven't read LotR, let alone anything about the man.

Lately, I find myself more and more wanting to say on certain websites that I disapprove of one thing or another (eg the use of Tolkien's letters without permission), but I've always held back because I expect I'd get back a gale of protest along the lines of 'Who are You, to 'disapprove' of something which I hold dear'?

Time was when I'd relish defending my position, but lately I find the attitudes on many websites to be so intimidating - with the word 'purist' being bandied about with venom, as if a purist were against God, apple pie and PJ) - that usually, I can't be bothered with the aggravation.

Still, that's straying from the point. Sorry. And it goes without saying that I find none of these nrgative attitudes here on this site.

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