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Re: Babel Hobbits - collection of multilingual editions of _Hobbit_

Subject: Re: Babel Hobbits - collection of multilingual editions of _Hobbit_
by elfy on 2008/8/9 11:43:33

Thank you very much for all kind words :) I'm really happy that you like my website, found it funny, interesting and useful :)

It took me a lot of time, indeed. To scan all those illustrations and write the scripts was long time task, almost a year :)

Now almost all pleasure is mine ;) to show you all these rare and fascinating books.
Did you notest 1st example (in my knowledge) of Tolkien text published in Russsia? (UCCP)

Open in new window

The book is from 1975, illustrated and contains 1st chapter of the Hobbit.
http://tolkien.com.pl/hobbit/collecti ... it-russian-1975.php#photo

About ISBN, nice idea, thanks! But do you have some idea how to call this to hold hobbitish atmoshpere?
I mean like in these cases:

# Born: 1982(28 january) (1st edition published in Spain)
# City of birth: Barcelona
# Age: 26 years old
# Family size: he doesn't remember ;)

Maybe, ID Card: ISBN 000-000-000? Hmm, it's not sound enough hobbitish for me :) What do you think? Currently I don't have a good idea about it but ISBN sure could be valuable addition.

btw: on first page I have RSS feed. You can subscribe it (if you use FireFox browser I recommend you "Brief" addon) to receive some news about my collection and website (mainly when new hobbit arrives, yesterday I added 1st Spanish edition published in Spain)

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