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Re: New Poll: Do you want an email newsletter?

Subject: Re: New Poll: Do you want an email newsletter?
by Urulöké on 2007/7/18 20:16:15

Send me bug reports (or feature requests!) if you find anything odd or just that you don't like about the site. I don't mind tweaking the website, but a lot of times I am not aware that there are problems! (For example, I hadn't tried to register a new account in ages, and something ended up being broken for a while there.)

I am getting email notifications when new posts are made to the boards - anyone else using this feature, and if so, does it work for you? Just curious.

I have in the past posted most of my updates to the discussion forums (in the TCG website forum). I did have the "latest Guide changes" on the home page for a while, but it is poorly written code, and caused the home page to take 1 minute or more to load a lot of the time. When I have that fixed, I may put it back up. I also like to tweak a page or set of pages for a while before I announce they are ready to be viewed, so a dynamic list of page changes often isn't very useful during construction times.

If I try the email newsletter (using the notification settings) I'll set it up with a select few of you that are willing to put up with bugs until it seems to work.
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