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Re: reCaptcha

Subject: Re: reCaptcha
by Urulöké on 2007/11/2 12:46:09

I had the same problem with reCaptcha, so I have some debugging to do if I keep it. It is only turned on for the Blog comments right now, so it shouldn't affect other areas of the site while I play with it.

Thanks for the tip on JS SpamBlock, I will definitely look into that. I do agree that the text can be hard to read and can sometimes be a pain, but I like reCaptcha for three reasons - one, it does the obvious (make sure there us a human on the other side), two it can play audio hints for the visually impaired, and three the words you type are actually used for text scanning verification - every time a user responds to reCaptcha, a document scanned by OCR is checked out to make sure the text was read properly.

In general I get a huge amount of comment spam and discussion forum spam. In fact, there is one spam software app out there somewhere that registers fake users automatically that I am currently fighting off. I filter it all by hand right now, so I need some automated help. Feedback on what systems people like is always appreciated!
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