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Re: Tolkien & Baynes

Subject: Re: Tolkien & Baynes
by Urulöké on 2006/6/6 10:06:47

Haven't heard of the towel, interesting find.

Hammond (I wrote a long response and the board ate it, grrr, so now I am winging from memory) in Eii4 says the Baynes poster had 50 copies made marked as private press, 7500 copies made on normal paper (I forget the paper type, he is specific), and an unspecified number on glossy paper. An unknown number (possibly 0, Hammond never saw one) were also printed with Ballantine Books printed on the bottom and sent to the USA. Hammond also says that an unknown number were signed by Tolkien (with a water based ink so some smeared). No mention of Baynes signing them is made. Hammond's source is a GA&U memo circa 1970, so perhaps Deagol will find out more information during his research.

The Tolkienalia list from Beyond Bree (1992) does not mention any signed copies, but it's a sporadic source (great info on what it does list, but it is by no means a complete list).

Did Pauline do any special illustrations for Amon Hen or Mallorn issues (i.e. not just reprints of illustrations that appear elsewhere)?

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