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Re: Tolkien & Baynes

Subject: Re: Tolkien & Baynes
by Beren on 2006/6/7 1:40:36

The Tea Towel States 1971 George Allen & Unwin, design by JRR Tolkien/Pauline Baynes.

High Quality and made from Irish Linen. Measures 21" by 30".

The 'Map of Middle-earth' was comissioned in 1969 and indeed Hammond points out a first print of 50 and some signed. I'll specify the papers and printers later, because my Hammond is lying at home.

I'm very sure I once saw an auction of rare maps where they sold one of the signed maps. That one was signed by both J.R.R. Tolkien and Baynes. I also remember that that auction claimed there were only 3 such signed posters in existence and that they were printed on special paper in 1971. But if i recall well here are mentioned a total of 100 as first print...

As i can assume both the first posters and the towels were made in 1971 and talks for this started in 1969. So maybe there is something in the Unwin archives... but as Deagol says they end in 1968, so probably not.

There is also a manufacturer mentioned on the towel, but it slips my mind right now. Maybe i can find more info if i go and track down the manufacturer of the tea towel. We'll see.
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