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Re: 50th Anniversary Deluxe Lord of The Rings

Subject: Re: 50th Anniversary Deluxe Lord of The Rings
by Elwë on 2007/2/26 16:12:05

Regarding the currently available "Deluxe" LOTR from Amazon UK..... I have purchased one myself within the last month. (Quick side note: I paid 70 pounds sterling for it. Before I received the book, the price dropped briefly to 65 pounds. I contacted Amazon, and they were very happy to refund the difference. They are very easy to deal with and are always quite resposive to emails.) I had originally intended on keeping the book in its shrinkwrap, but unfortunately, the book arrived with the shrinkwrap torn open and the spine of the book was damaged. Amazon immediately sent a replacement copy at no charge (which thankfully arrived in perfect shape), and gave me 30 days to return the damaged book (at their expense!). To make a very long story short, I was able to see the copyright page, since the book was already opened. It was a second printing of the 2004 deluxe edition. So, it is likely that the initial sellout was the first printing. The first printing may have been limited to 2500 copies, but by not marketing it as a limited edition, it left the door open to subsequent printings. Although the discounted price will not get you a first printing, it is still a very nice book, and I think well worth the money. I have also purchased the Deluxe Hobbit, but have not yet opened it to confirm the print run. I'm very much looking forward to the Children of Hurin Deluxe edition. Somehow, we need to convince Harper Collins to print a matching Deluxe Simarillion. My shelf will just not look right with that piece missing!
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