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Re: Forthcoming Hilary Tolkien book

Subject: Re: Forthcoming Hilary Tolkien book
by Deagol4 on 2009/1/1 8:54:21

I had a small involvement with this book - helping transcribe the text and checking facts, so I can give you a few more details.

The main text comes from notes made by Hilary Tolkien in a small notebook. When the notes were made is uncertain - definitely after WW2, but possibly as late as the 1970s. Personally I think that they date from when Humphrey Carpenter was researching the JRRT biography in 1974-5. Hilary's grandson Chris Tolkien has consented to the notebook being published in an illustrated form.

The notes are a series of reminiscences covering various times from the 1890s in Sarehole to life during the second world war. I won't spill all the beans here, but the first tale is about the ogres mentioned in Carpenter's biography. There are plenty of little nuggets in there that should delight the JRRT fan, as I was reading I was constantly thinking 'that must be so-and-so...' and 'that must be when JRRT was at...'. It should be a fascinating book.

The book also includes a brief biography of Hilary which contains some interesting letters and photographs. I'll ask the publisher if it is ok to publish a few scans here, of the cover, etc. Jef's artwork is wonderful.
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