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Re: Is there no consistancy in Hardcovers?

Subject: Re: Is there no consistancy in Hardcovers?
by Stu on 2009/2/3 4:37:23

I actually have two-and-a-half sets of UK 1st/1st HoME. The first set was almost exclusively purchased as they were released (they were bought for me by my mother and my grandma each year as Christmas/Birthday presents). From memory, the only ones I was missing as 1st/1sts were BoLT 1 and Peoples (annoyingly, my mother stopped buying them at volume 11 when I moved to the US for a couple of years! :)). The nice thing about that is that I have had 10 of them from new and they were treasured and carefully stored out of damp and sunlight, so are pretty much pefect. From memory, except for 1 and 12, which are unpriced, all the rest are priced (with Bolt 2 having a sticker). Return of the Shadow means the most to me as it was the last gift I got from my Grandma, and I still have the birthday card tucked inside for safe keeping.

My second set is a mixture of priced/clipped and unpriced copies. The second copy of Shaping has the Barcode sticker and is price clipped and re-stickered. I think all up I paid 500 pounds or so for that set, but it took me a couple of years. I was also lucky and had a couple of bargains, such as AUD $10 for a copy of BoLT 2 and AUD $40 for War of the Jewels (which is ex-libris, but only has a single tiny blue "Cancelled" stamp on one of the blank end-papers - no pages cut out and the priced jacket was absolutely perfect once I took the plastic cover off it. According to the library card, which fortunately was attached to the plastic, not the book, it had been loaned out twice!).

I had a lot of fun chasing these books and the US ones. I have no plans on completing the third set - I expect I will sell/trade them at some point, along with a few 1st/2nds, 1st/3rds, etc that I have kicking around.

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