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Re: Is there no consistancy in Hardcovers?

Subject: Re: Is there no consistancy in Hardcovers?
by Stu on 2009/2/4 0:23:23

Eric, I wish I did have the greatest collection, but I suspect mine is actually one of the smallest of those who frequent this site (just a couple of hundred books and a couple of dozen calendars). It has still taken me a good while to acquire, mind, and I have no real desire to (greatly) increase the size of it, especially in the current economic climate.

The books pictured are indeed in Mylar DJ protectors which make them look a bit more shiny (but provide good protection from fingers and UV). UK HoME are quite prone to getting a scuffed matte finish, but I am quite lucky that most of my copies were ordered in from the same bookshop and therefore didn't get any shelf-wear pre-purchase, so they are actually relatively glossy even without the protectors. They do look nice on the shelf, and I can often be found looking at them lovingly (to my fiancee's great amusement).

On the subject of DJ fading, one of my copies of SD has very mild fading, but the other copy has always been behind glass and never in direct sunlight and is still completely uniform. None of the other books (including WOJ) have any fading. The only real aging I have noticed is toning to the page edges on WOJ and Peoples. These seem to have been printed on much poorer quality paper than the other books.

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